Electronic Circuit and Systems Design

Circuit and system-level design of electronic systems for sensing, signal conditioning with embedded controllers. Specializing in low-noise analog and mixed-signal design for measurement instrumentation. Control systems for servo-motors, steppers, valves, LED arrays, power conversion. Prototypes, testing, commercial and industrial production designs (see examples).

Engineering Expertise

Electronic circuit and systems design: analog, digital and mixed signal applications

Automatic test and monitoring systems, data acquisition and logging

Industrial panel design for machine controls

Experienced in design methods to survive harsh electrical environments: vehicle power, vibration, electrical noise and ESD

International compliance for safety and electrical emissions compliance (CE, UL, CSA, TUV)

User interface specialist for display panels, PDAs & smartphones, desktop applications and interactive media

Education & Credentials

B.S. Electrical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara

B.A. Physics, UC Santa Barbara

Teaching credential for mathematics and computer science


project-based resume

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Analog Hardware

op amps, ADC, DAC, tunable filters, gain techniques, voltage control, power mosfets, signal conditioning blocks, oscillators, comparators, F-V/V-F converters, switching power supplies

Digital & Microcontrollers

Microchip (PIC), Atmel, ST-Micro, Silicon Labs microcontrollers, CMOS & TTL gate logic, board-level communication protocols: Serial RS-232, RS-485, SPI, I2C


C, BASIC, Lingo, Ladder/PLC, Wiring, C++

IDE Environments

CCS, Keil, MPLab, Macromedia, Arduino, MicroCode Studio

Analysis and Simulation

LT-Spice, FilterDesigner, tools for PC-Board impedance and transmission lines, wire losses