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studio nine trees

Nine Trees has been a creative design studio for graphics, music, high-technology development and interactive multimedia for more than fifteen years. Its focus has evolved with the times, and following in particular my interests and aesthetic. It has progressed continually towards the arts and idea development over the last few years, morphing from a design studio into a music composing and recording studio. I strive for the minimum necessary gear, while making each component part of a high-quality integrated whole.

Years of work with electronic technologies, MIDI, audio equipment, and lots of hours operating in a recording studio formed a technical foundation. Further years spent producing graphics for a variety of projects including CD and promotional materials for many artists and musicians furthered a new direction.

My focus has come full circle to the creation of music, and the fostering of the music of others.

musica sfinzi

The studio's publishing label is musica sfinzi; its vision is my vision:

to make the best music possible in the best way possible, and to further connections between the composer, the performer and the listener.

ASCAP Member